Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit-Black

This is the perfect kit for unique leather colors! It can be a multiple-color kit or a single-color kit. We have prepared your checklist and color matching formulas below that can give you a head start!

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How to Repair Scratches in Your Leather Chair

Breathe new life into your leather with our easy-to-follow guide on fixing those pesky scratches. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned hand at DIY, this video will show you how to smooth out the blemishes and bring back the flawless finish you love. Watch & learn now!

How to Repair Cuts, Tears, and Rips

Revitalize your cherished leather items with the help of our comprehensive guide to mending cuts, tears, and rips with ease and precision. Ideal for novices and adept DIYers alike, this tutorial is a golden ticket to mastering quick fixes from the comfort of your home, saving both money and beloved items from wear and tear. Watch & learn now!