leather repair kit with all the necessary tools for repairing and restoring leather furniture and accessories
leather repair kit for couches with seven different shades, including 2 black, brown, 2 white, blue, green, yellow, and red for a custom and accurate color match
Close-up image of a scratch on a leather couch being repaired using our leather couch scratch repair, creating a natural and smooth finish
leather couch repair kit with step-by-step instructions and color mixing guide
free instructional guide on applying our leather repair kit to any leather surface
Before and after image of a leather sofa repaired using our leather restorer for couches, for a seamless and professional-looking finish

Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit - 7 Colors

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No to temporary fixes, yes to long-lasting results! Our professional leather repair kit
is all you need to touch up those pesky blemishes on your leather items.

Mix and match different colors to achieve the tone of your item. Easy restoration at
an affordable price!

The color mixture did not match my repair

- Every repair is unique, and we know that color matching can be challenging. Please email help@fortivoshop.com with a picture of your repair project and our repair experts will give you personalized advice and color matching tips.

I am not sure if I need to use the backing fabric

- The backing fabric is used for rips, cuts and holes larger than 1/4 of an inch. Surface damages, such as peeling or scratched areas are not suitable for the backing fabric. For surface damages, apply the repair compound directly.

I made a mistake and want to start over

- You can use a wet sponge or cloth to wipe off the repair compound. If the compound is dry, use rubbing alcohol or acetone with a cotton swab or cloth (apply significant pressure or use scraping knife) to completely remove the repair compound. Alcohol can damage the finish, so please test it on a corner first.

The repair is shiny, but I need a matte finish

- The correct sheen is almost as important as the correct color. For a matte finish, carefully rub the repaired area with a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol. Before applying the rubbing alcohol, please test on an inconspicuous area and proceed carefully.

Repaired area feels sticky

- Drying time of the repair compound depends on the thickness of the layer and the relative humidity of the environment. For best results, apply thin layers and let the repair compound fully dry between each layer. If your repair is still sticky after 2-3 days, carefully rub the repaired area with a cotton pad and high concentration (90+%) rubbing alcohol. Before applying the rubbing alcohol, please test on an inconspicuous area and proceed carefully.

I ran out of repair compound but my repair is not completed

- Your repair kit includes 7 base colors to give you maximum flexibility to match any color, but we also want to minimize the waste. Although the repair compounds included in the kit are sufficient for most common repairs, every repair is unique. If you need more repair compound to complete your repair, please email help@fortivoshop.com and we will help.

I have another problem

- We are a small family business and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. We work so hard to make sure that every repair is completed to your satisfaction. If you have any problems with your repair kit, please email help@fortivoshop.com and we’ll make it right.