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Fortivo mink oil for leather revitalization and shine.
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Leather Conditioner - Mink Oil for Leather

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Soften, preserve, and waterproof your leather and vinyl items with this Mink Oil for Leather. It adds extra shine and protection without the greasiness.

Our leather conditioner can be used on all different items, from furniture, clothing, shoes, bags, wallets, car interiors, and more! It's your all-in-one solution to any restoration project.

      Q: How long does it take to dry?
      A: Ideal time is 4 to 6 hours, but please take note that mink oil is made out of a sebum-like material. It will give you an oily moisture on the leather. If you need to totally dry it then it’s advisable to wipe off the residual moisture/oil.

      Q: What does mink oil do for leather?
      A: Mink oil increases water resistance and darkens leather, creating a deeper, richer color. Applying the mink oil on a regular basis (no more than once every 2 weeks) will ensure that the leather quality stays healthy and thus lives longer.

      Q: Is mink oil conditioner good for leather?
      A: Yes, because of its unique quality of palmitoleic acid, the mink oil is used for treating, conditioning, and preserving almost all kinds of leather.

      Q: Can the mink oil spoil?
      A: The mink oil has great resistance to spoilage and damage and will not go rancid than most other animal and vegetable oils.

      Q: Does mink oil permanently darken
      A: Mink oil is prone to darken the color of the leather and therefore is ideally suited for dark leather tones.

      Q: Does mink oil shine leathers?
      A: No, once the mink oil has penetrated the leather, wipe off any access oil from your shoe's surface. Once the leather is dry, you can follow up with the leather polish of
      your choice, or just leave as is. It darkens the leather but it doesn’t shine it.