Premium leather and vinyl repair kit for restoring damaged surfaces
leather sofa patch kit inclusions
leather furniture repair kit for repairing scratches, cracks, and scuffs on leather furniture.
leather restorer for couches with professional-grade products for DIY repair
Vinyl repair kit with free easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step guide.
Before and after comparison image of a leather couch repaired using a patch for leather couch
leather scratch repair suitable for repairing all types of leather products, including jackets, shoes, and bags

Leather Repair Kit - 10 Colors

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No to temporary fixes, yes to long-lasting results! Our professional Leather Repair Kit is all you need to touch up those pesky blemishes on your leather items.

Mix and match different colors to achieve the tone of your item. Easy restoration at an affordable price!

    How big of a hole or tear will this cover?

    - Every repair is unique. The coverage always depend on the severity of the damage. Our repair kit includes tubes (20 ml) of 10 color compounds for small to medium damage. If you need personalized advice, please contact our friendly support team with a photo of the damage.

    Can I order more backing fabric?

    - Due to manufacturing limitations, we are unable to send the backing fabric separately. We only offer a complete repair kit.

    Can this product be thinned with water or another medium?

    - For optimum results, we do not recommend to thin the repair compound as it can have an adverse effect.

    Can it be used to remove pen marks?

    - Absolutely! Our brown leather repair kit can remove pen marks. If you need a personalized advice, feel free to contact our friendly support team with the photo of the damage area.

    Is there also glue in this kit? Or is the color the glue?

    - All the colors in the tubes are the repair compounds.

    After it is completely dry, is it recommended to use a leather conditioner?

    - Yes! It's always a good thing to apply a leather conditioner on top of the treated area. This will blend the compound well and will increase the longevity of the leather.

    My chair has a slight pebble texture. Will this product create a texture?

    - No. Right now, our Leather Repair Kit leave a flat and smooth finish.

    My couch is non-absorbent. Will this work on it?

    -Yes! The color compound doesn't soak into material, it bonds to the surface.

    Is this shiny when dry or matte?

    - It will dry shiny but when you buff the treated area with rubbing alcohol, it will give a perfect matte finish.

    Does this help with faux leather couches?

    - Absolutely! Our carefully blended leather repair kits for couches are perfect for mending all kinds of leather and vinyl products - even faux and synthetic ones.