A granite repair kit designed for repairing small chips and cracks in granite floors and walls.
professional granite countertop repairs
A granite countertop repair kit designed for DIY use, including clear step-by-step instructions and all necessary materials.
Close-up of a granite chip filled with the crack tub repair kit adhesive and repair solution
A porcelain repair kit designed to fix larger cracks and breaks in granite surfaces, providing a seamless and durable repair.
Professional-grade granite repair kit designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms, with high-quality materials for repairing and restoring granite surfaces
Versatile porcelain repair kit with materials for repairing chips, cracks, and holes in granite surfaces, suitable for use in homes and commercial settings.
Granite countertop repair for cracks and holes

Granite Repair Kit

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Our Quartz, Marble, & Granite Repair Kit is a professional-grade solution for chips and scratches on your granite countertops and tiles. With a transparent color that matches your specific granite type, this all-in-one kit comes with everything you need to restore the original beauty of your granite surfaces. Easy to use and highly effective, this repair kit is the perfect choice for DIYers and professionals alike. Don't let cracks ruin your day – get our kit today and give your surfaces a new lease on life.

Q: What’s the compound’s color?
A: It’s transparent.

Q: I made a mistake and want to start over.
A: You can use a wet sponge or cloth to wipe off the repair compound. If the compound is dry, use rubbing alcohol or acetone with a cotton swab or cloth (apply significant pressure or use scraping knife) to completely remove the repair compound. Alcohol can damage the finish, so please test it on an unnoticeable corner first.

Q: I need more sandpaper. What sandpaper grit do I buy?
A: We recommend a sandpaper with 600 grits or more. A pro tip: use the sandpaper wet when sanding.

Q: If the crack isn't totally filled, can you apply again?
A: Absolutely! You can reapply to get your desired results.

Q: What color does this dry?
A: It has translucent color when it dries.