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auto leather dye in white background
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Leather Recoloring Balm 10 oz

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Restore shine and elegance to your leather items. Touch up those fades, scratches, unwanted stains, and marks in your vinyl items and get impressive results at an affordable price.

Our Professional DIY Leather Recoloring Balm can be used on all different items, from furniture, clothing, shoes, bags, wallets, car interiors, and more! It's your all-in-one solution to any restoration project.

    How can I make sure that the balm will work?

    - In order for the balm to work, the leather you plan to apply the agent must be absorbent. The balm works by soaking into the fiber structure of the leather so the color is in the leather rather
    than on the leather.

    How do I test if my leather is absorbent?

    - To know if the leather is absorbent, place a drop of water on the surface of the worn or damaged area. If the water soaks inside the leather, it is considered to be absorbent. As the water soaks in, the leather will become darker.

    Does it work on vinyl, vegan, or faux leather?

    - Our leather balm works on all leathers surfaces, except nubuck and suede leather.

    How much product do I get?

    - Around 100 grams.

    Is it toxic free?

    - Yes! We only use non toxic materials.

    What are the available colors?

    - It comes in black, dark brown, camel, and medium brown.

    Can I mix two or more colors?

    - Certainly! Colors can be mixed to achieve your desired color. Simply send us an email or chat with us and we'll gladly help you.

    How does the color last?

    - It depends on where you applied the recoloring balm. For areas with less traffic, it could last 2-3 weeks or more before needing another coat.